Sipcam has developed its direct presence in several European markets (as well as in the Italian one): Spain, Britain, Portugal, Greece and, more recently, the Benelux countries. Progressively companies were established in Brazil and in the United States and more recently in Australia, Argentina, Mexico and China.

The company’s target is to grow in all markets, focusing on gradual growth and capturing every business opportunity.
This expansion, also through strategic alliances in different countries and relevant tangible and intangible investments, allows constant innovation of products and processes. Through the network of acquisitions, controls or agreements, Sipcam Oxon today acts directly or through third-parties with distributors in all the continents.


Sipcam Europe
Further to the alliance signed in 2012 with the multinational Sumitomo Corporation and the research company Nihon Nohyaku Co.Ltd, Sipcam merged its distribution networks in Europe setting up the Holding Sipcam Europe S.p.A., which operates in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Great Britain, Greece and the Benelux countries.
The majority is held by Sipcam.
Sipcam Italia
Sipcam Italy was founded in 2012 as a spin-off from Sipcam S.p.A. for registration activities, development and marketing. The company has its head office in Pero, Milan and operates with an extended technical and sales organization in the marketplace. Sipcam Italy owns an experimental center where a team of agronomists tests and develop new products and formulations, confirming and improving the efficacy and the environmental compatibility. The strong settlement in the Italian market has been consolidated since the founding (in 1946) to the present, creating the conditions for development in new market segments like special fertilizers and seeds.
Sipcam Iberia
Sipcam has been present in the Spanish market since 1974 when Sipcam Inagra (Valencia) was established. Sipcam Iberia (Valencia) was founded in 2012 as a spin-off from Sipcam Inagra for registration activities, development and marketing. The company has a strong position across the Iberian market in the sectors of both traditional fertilizers and crop protection products and in the growing area of novel bio-stimulants.
Sipcam Portugal
Sipcam Portugal is an important player in the Portuguese agrochemical market since 20 years. Founded in 1990, offices in Azambuja (50 km from Lisbon) coordinates registration, marketing, distribution and development of an important product portfolio for plants’ protection and nutrition. Its values–quality, flexibility and social responsibility– have created the basis for significant growth in a competitive sector characterized by rapid and continued changes.
Sipcam UK
Sipcam UK was founded in 1983 to develop and sale products for farmers and growers in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. The technical and sales team of Sipcam UK, from the office in Royston (Cambridge) works in partnership with all the major distribution companies. A focus on development and long-term relationships with customers contributes to continuous growth and improvement in the business.
Sipcam Hellas
Sipcam Hellas Ltd. was established in 2002 with headquarters in Koropi (Attika). The company was established to consolidate a thirty-year presence on the Mediterranean market, specifically in Greece, Cyprus and Macedonia. Sipcam Hellas has the ability to estimate and develop new projects in regulations, technical expertise and commercial marketing.
Sipcam Benelux
Sipcam Benelux was founded in 2012, with headquarters in Brussels. It is the youngest subsidiary of the group. The introduction of important new products developed for Central and Northern Europe and the presence of a technical and commercial team has resulted in an important sales growth.
SumiAgro Ltd
In the remaining European markets (France, Germany, Bulgaria, Romania / Balkans, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland), Sipcam presence is developed through the organization of Sumi Agro Europe Ltd, where Sipcam has a minority shareholder position with the japanese company Nippon Soda Research . The majority is held by Sumitomo Corporation.


Sipcam Inagra Maroc
Sipcam Inagra Maroc was founded in 2014.Headquarters is located in Casablanca. The company is 100% owned by Sipcam Inagra (one of the Spanish subsidiaries of Sipcam-Oxon group) and has been established to offer a full service platform to manufactures of agrochemicals. The activity of Sipcam Maroc will be managed with supervision of Sipcam Inagra from Spain and in full collaboration with Moroccan historical partners. The company has in the next five years a challenging expansion plan with ambitious development expectations.
Inagra Algerie
Inagra Algerie was founded in 2012, with headquarters in Alger. Inagra Algerie wants to serve the Algerian market with brand new agrochemicals and fertilizers products and formulations, boosting local agriculture through local personnel supported by Sipcam-Oxon global expertise. To facilitate the development of the company in Algeria, we, as Sipcam-Oxon group, has decided to share the ownership of the Inagra Algerie with our historical partner EURl Devagri.


Sipcam Agro Advan
SipcamAdvan opens US formulation lab
Sipcam-Oxon’s US agrochemical business, SipcamAdvan(Durham, North Carolina), has opened a pesticide formulationlaboratory in Valdosta, Georgia.
Advan Mexico
Advan Mexico S.A. de CV, established in 2005 with headquarters in the State of Nuevo Leon, is 100% owned by Sipcam Agro USA. The company distributes the crop protection products, fertilizers and products for agriculture. The main warehouse is located in Matamoros (Tamaulipas). The commercial network is distributed into eight areas, covering 14 states.


Sipcam Nichino Brasil S/A
Sipcam has been present in the Brazilian market since 1979 as Sipcam Agro S / A. In September 2014 the Japanese Multinational company Nihon Nohyaku Co. Ltd entered in a 50-50 JV and the company name was changed to Sipcam Nichino Brazil SA.
The advanced industrial site of Uberaba-MG allows the company to offer a variety of compounds and formulation services for many companies operating in the Brazilian market.
Agromax was founded in 1997 as a JV with local entrepreneurs as a distributor of crop protection products to satisfy the growing needs of local agriculture. Headquartered in san Isidro (Buenos Aires) the company has developed its product portfolio introducing new formulation of Oxon’s active ingredient together with third parties products


Sipcam Pacific
Sipcam Pacific Australia, established in 1997 as a JV with a local entrepreneur, is based in Geelong, in the state of Victoria, Australia. The company is responsible for the registration and marketing of some generic products, new formulations and innovative new molecules, in particular in cooperation with the minority shareholders Sumitomo Corporation and Nihon Nohyaku.
Sipcam Agro China
Sipcam Agro China, established in 2010, is a joint venture 50% with a local partner. The Company has offices in Shanghai and Wuxi with a sales network that covers the provinces interested into agricultural activity: Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guandong. The company provides the registration, development and marketing of agrochemicals and special fertilizers.
Sipcam Japan
Official establishment of Sipcam Japan CO LT on Feb. 16 2014. Toshimi Tanaka, «alias» Toshi, has been appointed as Managing Director.
Entry in the Japan Crop Protection Association (JCPA) as supporting member within 36 companies by April 1st 2014 by unanimous vote of the board of directors. Joining JCPA, Sipcam Japan has gained visibility and credibility within the major japanase Agrochemical companies.