A Strong Environmental Commitment

The industrial strategy of SIPCAM-OXON Group never loses sight of the concepts of sustainable development and growth. Every year the Group collects an Environmental Report documenting activities and expenses made in order to safeguard the environment, ensure safety, and build a sustainable development framework.
SIPCAM-OXON has recently signed the principles of Environmental Sustainability issued by CONFINDUSTRIA, the Italian Association of Industrial Companies.

Promoting Responsible Care

Responsible Care is the Chemical Industry’s global voluntary initiative under which Companies, through their national association, work together to continuously improve their health, safety and environmental performance, and to communicate with stakeholders about their products and processes. Since the implementation of Responsible Care in Italy in 1992, SIPCAM-OXON Group has complied strictly to all Responsible Care rules and has taken advantage of every opportunity leading to improvements in conditions regarding the health of workers, the safety of the surrounding community and the safeguarding of the environment. Following the spirit of Responsible Care, whenever an objective is achieved the Group promptly identifies and follows new ways of obtaining even better performances.

Pursuing Customer Satisfaction

The objective of our quality policy is to guarantee the best levels of customer satisfaction, obtained by providing the highest quality. All Group production units comply to the ISO 9001:2008 certification. Sipcam facilities comply also with ISO 14001 certification. Both SIPCAM and OXON facilities comply to Safety Management System Certification. The final goal for the whole SIPCAM-OXON Group is to pursue Quality in every production stage and process, in order to ensure the best possible products and policies for customers, farmers, partners, and distributors.



Why to invest in agrochemicals.

Macroeconomic scenario
The world’s population is seven billion people, of which 900 thousand are facing hunger everyday. In 2050 there will be nine billion people on the planet and the demand for food will increase, while it is estimated that the available arable per capita land will be half of the current.
Investing in crop protection products
The technical equipment for agriculture first of all crop protection products and fertilizers, will still be the only solution for sustainable and productive agriculture, and for the marketing of agricultural produce which is healthy and safe for the consumer.
According to international agencies and organizations, without agrochemicals more than 40% of current global agricultural production would be lost. There will be more and more need to nourish, protect and treat the crops with the agricultural fertilizers and crop protection products.
Thanks to the strict regulations now all over the world, agrochemicals on the market must meet a safe toxicological and eco-toxicological profile and respect the health of the consumer, the user and the environment.
Analysts agree that the food commodities are a profitable investment if achieved in the long term and with a good diversification, even if subject to unpredictable factors as climate or economic as the cost of energy and transport.


Yesterday, today and tomorrow.

The research activity of the group has been focused on identifying the most appropriate solutions in order to meet the needs of different markets through the policy of sustainable industrial processes for the synthesis of active ingredients, the development of new phytoiatric solutions and the invention of formulations of specialties of R&D based partner companies.

SIPCAM OXON has developed a wide range of products for the major crops and is focused to meet the specific needs of local crops.