Two entities, one ownership, one management.

Sipcam (Società Italiana Prodotti Chimici per l’Agricoltura Milano, Italian company for Agricultural Chemicals Milan) was founded in 1946 in Milan, by dr.  Emilio Gagliardini (graduated in Economics and Business) and prof. Baldo Ciocca (graduated in Chemistry and Pharmacy, lecturer), as a company specialized  in manufacturing and marketing of agrochemicals for agriculture in Italy
Oxon was founded in 1970, by the will of dr. Giorgio Gagliardini (who succeeded to the leadership after the death of his father Emilio) with the purpose to produce their own chemical synthesis of some out of patent active agrochemicals. Today the two organizations still have the same ownership: the two families Gagliardini and Ciocca.
Baldo Ciocca
Baldo CioccaSipcam Founder
Emilio Gagliardini
Emilio GagliardiniSipcam Founder
Giorgio Gagliardini
Giorgio GagliardiniOxon Founder
Nadia Gagliardini
Nadia GagliardiniSipcam Oxon President
Giovanni Affaba
Giovanni AffabaSipcam Oxon Managing Director


Financial stability and investments.

Sipcam Oxon Group
The SIPCAM OXON group is made up of two separate legal entities (Sipcam and Oxon), which refer to one property and to one management, working independently but acting in synergy sharing mission and vision.
Management model
Sipcam Oxon is committed to maintain its independence by integration of entrepreneurship and management skills.

As the agriculture sector is influenced by variables not conditionables, and linked to cyclical developments and trends, the group has decided not be listed in the Stock Exchange. The purpose is to develop tools for self-financing and access to bank credit, aiming to the medium and long term outlooks, and not influenced by the short term results.

Industrial presence
The industrial presence consists of one chemical synthesis plant in Italy, three formulation plants in Italy, Spain and Brazil, one seed processing and treatment plant in Italy and two synthesis and formulation plants operated by Chinese Joint Ventures.


Know-how and research.

The know-how
Since the beginning of the company, the main thread is the proximity to the world of agriculture and the ability to understand and interpret the customers’ needs, to improve, simplify and make the business in agriculture more safe, sustainable economic, profitable and productive.

Italianity, know-how and research are essential elements of this unique business model in the agrochemical market.

Manufacturing excellence
Sipcam Oxon Group started from Italy following its origins and has emerged at global level focusing on product development, production in both synthesis and formulation, and the ability to find original solutions. The group is following the needs of customers and inputs of markets, thanks to their staff in laboratories and involved in research in formulation and application; this is the focus of the investments made by the individual companies.


Positive economic performance reflects progressive constant development based on correct management and reinvestment of profits which thence permits continual consolidation and expansion into the international market.
Consolidated Turnover
  • Chemical Intermediates: 3% (12.8 Millions Euro)
  • Agrochemicals: 97% (477.2 Millions Euro)

2017: 490.0 Millions Euro

Turnover by class of products: Agro products
  • Fungicides: 34%
  • Herbicides: 39%
  • Insectides: 19%
  • Others: 8%
Turnover by geographical area
  • Europe: 46% (219.5 Millions Euro)
  • Nafta 26% (124.1 Millions Euro)
  • Latin America 18% (85.9 Millions Euro)
  • Rest of the World 10% (47.7 Millions Euro)