Oxon Plants
The main synthesis production plant is located in Mezzana Bigli, in the province of Pavia, Italy. An area of 600.000 m2 of which 100.000 m2 are industrialized.

The synthesis accounts for about 20 .000 tons per year of active ingredients. Oxon is the first in Italy to have obtained the UNI 10617 (Safety Management Systems) and is certified ISO 9001. There are two facilities for energy production, one powered conventionally; the other from renewable sources.

The Italian production is complemented by the two Chinese Joint Ventures where Oxon has a minority shareholder position: Suli Chemical Co. Ltd. and Taizhou Bailly Chemical Co.Ltd, located in Jiangyin (Jiangsu) and Taixing (Jiangsu).

In Italy Oxon synthesizes chemical products for the group and performs an important activity for third parties customer.



Sipcam Plants
The main manufacturing formulation plant, owned by Sipcam SpA, is located in Salerano sul Lambro (Lodi) Italy. The site’s surface occupies 300,000 m2. This site, which produces about 25,000 tons of formulated products per year, is one of the most technologically advanced in the world. The Italian production is complemented by the Lodi plant, dedicated to seeds processing, treatment and packing.

In Europe, the formulation capacity is supported by the plant of Sipcam Inagra, located in Sueca (Valencia, Spain), which produce about 10,000 tons of formulated products per year. In Sueca, in addition to traditional formulations of crop protection products, has been implemented an important facility for the production of innovative fertilizers (microgranules).

The formulation capacity is complemented by the plant of Uberaba, in the Region of Minais Gerais, Brazil. The plant in Uberaba produces about 25,000 tons of product per year and is owned by the joint venture Sipcam Nichino Brasil.

In all plants Sipcam develops, formulates and manufactures products for a large number of third party companies.