The Italian company Sipcam Oxon has acquired 100% of the Swiss company Sofbey SA with effect from June 1st, 2018.

Sofbey SA (Geneva, Switzerland) is a company specialized in innovative biostimulants. It is the owner of Blackjak®, an outstanding product that improves both quality and plant yields of many crops.  Blackjak® is currently sold in more than thirty countries world-wide and is on development in many others.

Sipcam Oxon (Milan, Italy) is a global agrochemical player classified in the top fifteen positions of the world-wide ranking.

Acquisition of Sofbey, the President Nadia Gagliardini says, is part of Sipcam Oxon program of expansion in the biostimulants and special fertilizers market that is focused on an high quality and innovative product portfolio.