Sipcam-Oxon decided to make a strategic investment in UK company Eden Research (Cirencester, Gloucestershire) of some £2.2 million ($2.9 million) and to enter into an agreement for the Subscription.

The above investment comes after a collaboration started in 2013 for the evaluation of Eden’s biofungicide, 3AEY, based on the terpene active ingredients, eugenol, geraniol and thymol, targeted on Botrytis spp on grapevines and a range of additional high-value fruits and vegetables, followed by the commercialization in Italy and Spain in 2016, after granting the relevant registrations.

The above investment comes together with the signature of new collaborations that represent a “significant expansion” of the relationship, as pointed out by Eden:

  • Sipcam will expand the commercialisation of 3AEY, in Australia, where it will be the exclusive distributor;
  • Sipcam will have the first option to negotiate for the distribution rights for new plant protection products that Eden develops in countries where Sipcam has an affiliate, subject to certain ongoing commitments and evaluations;
  • Sipcam will also have the right to evaluate a number of its ais encapsulated using Eden Sustaine micro-encapsulation technology. That includes combinations with Eden’s own ais;
  • Eden will receive access to Sipcam-owned technologies and R&D facilities.